I wish people would recognize GI more. They’re actually a pretty good group and both Gi-yeuk and Beatles kind of grows on you. They are underrated personified.

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2014.04.03 #1YEARWITHGI ♡

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[INFO] Guys! Time is passing so fast, right? Only few hours left until GI 1st Debut Anniversary. Because of this very important occasion we prepared a project, results of this project you will be able to see in next few days!
But today, or actually tomorrow - on 3rd April at 12AM KST we are going to trend #1YEARWITHGI on Twitter
Please don’t use any other hashtag and don’t use it before required time. We gonna start at 12AM until the last fan will leave us!
I’m asking for a lot of your participation!^^*

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Global Icon needs a comeback; NOW.

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[PROJECT] Hello Everyone! Today is the last day of receiving donations for GI 1st Debut Anniversary Project. Happily we reached our goal but you can still join to project and show your love and support for GI!
Remember that we are also going to order a gift in occasion of AI&ARAM’s birthday!

You have time until 26th March. Timezones: 8PM CET / 3PM EDT / 4AM KST (27/03).

• All details you can find on forum (but please register at first) → http://www.global-icon.org/topic/732-5-gi-1st-debut-anniversary/

It’s your really the LAST CHANCE!

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[FANTAKEN] 140324 OneKet - Idol Dance Battle D-Style (backstage) [3P]

[FANACCOUNT] 140324 In last recording of Idol Dance Battle D-Style, OneKet danced to song from “Titanic” OST. It’s probably Celine Dion’s song - My Heart Will Go On. (cr: 지아리)

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[AIRPORT] 140319 GI - Gimpo Airport (Korea ✈ Japan) [92P]

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[FANTAKEN] 140323 GI - Silent Disco in Shin-Okubo [29P]

[FANCAM] 140323 GI - Silent Disco in Shin-Okubo

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[EVENT] 140321 GI - Shin-Okubo Drama & Film Festival (press conference) [15P]

[EVENT] 140321 GI - Shin-Okubo Drama & Film Festival (performance) [8P]

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[PROJECT] Hello everyone! Do you know about our project for GI 1st Debut Anniversary? We already collected 500$ thanks to our beloved donors! Unfortunatelly not much people joined our charity project. Please remember we are going to support people in need in behalf of GI! Due to Anniversary Project we weren’t able to purchase birthday cake for AI at the beginning of March and we won’t be able to do this same in April, for Aram. BUT! If you love especially AI or ARAM you can join our project so we will be able to purchase and donate additional goods in behalf not only GI but also AI and ARAM as a special birthday support. WE NEED 50 USD MORE! If you are interested to help us, you have time till 26th March. After that day we won’t accept any donations. Minimal donations amount is 5 USD. If you don’t use Paypal you can contact our National Leaders who will send your money to us! 
All details about project in 8 languages you can find on our forum!

We are waiting for you!

Mina @ GI International

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